The most wonderful time of the year

Our home shines with a special splendour at Christmas time: star chains border our window frames while glass pictures with golden and silver motifs bear the message of the most wonderful time of year. The scent of fresh boughs and pine is in the air.

Small silhouettes of reindeer and snow akes adorn our Advent wreathes. Porcelain luminary candle bags light up the windowsill and spread a cosy atmosphere with the gentle glow. Capiz garlands, star mobiles and a starlight sprig of branches adds a lovely touch to every corner of our beloved home.

The Christmas tree draws us together as we decorate it with frosted baubles, porcelain and silver stars, and light-up ornaments. A light-up Christmas tree topper in glass adds the crowning touch.

And when the porcelain jingle bells ring, the culmination of the Christmas season has arrived.

It's time to exchange gifts!