Das Foto zeigt ein Wohnzimmer in den 60er Jahren

räder writes history. Then and now.

About the beginning, the goal – and the journey to achieve this.

The räder company was founded on 1st of January 1968 by Hartmut Räder.
At a time in which the Beatles, the Stones and the hippies were ushering in an era full of euphoria and freedom. With his emotional products that satisfied the desire for better design in everyday life, Hartmut Räder responded to the needs of the zeitgeist of this revolutionary time. It all began with small products that were handcrafted in limited editions in our own workshops. A little later – completed by a paper and stationery collection, greeting cards and inspiration that Hartmut Räder found all over the world – the company grew into an innovator on the gift items market in the 1980s.
The räder company is one of the market leaders in the living accessories and gift items segment.